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Jeff x Mikael Fanfiction cover by MikaelBratLoni
I'm seriously dying of embarrassment right now Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2]  But as promised, I DID IT Kokonose Haruka (Blush) [V1] I feel accomplished now!
Hope you enjoy it. x'D  And I apologize deeply but I just couldn't do it 18+. x'DD I hope you like a gentle one!

UPDATE: Would you like me to finish the Fan-fiction to the 18+ part? xD I finally have the courage but I would like to hear your opinions first. (I saw your comments x'DD geez! I won't mind, I honestly won't. This was a request and I carry it 'till the end) Please NOTE me/comment below. Thank You!

    It was a typical night in Slender Man's mansion. After Mikael had been accepted as a proxy, they had picked a room where he would be staying. The room was far too luxurious but he accepted it. They had warned he would have to share the bedroom but he didn't mind at all. After a few weeks of accommodating he had a roommate who was known as Jeff The Killer. He had met him before and knew exactly how he was and his appearance. The first time Mikael slept at the side of someone was a bit uncomfortable; specially knowing that he was sleeping next to a killer. He couldn't sleep in peace most of the time due to fearing that he would be killed on the spot but as time went by never once did Jeff raised his knife at Mikael. As time went on, each one of the members in the Creepypasta began to feel very comfortable and familiar with Mikael. Slender Man slowly began to call Mikael the 'heart' of the Creepypasta. Mikael was far too kind compared to all the others. He resembled that of a mother sometimes due to loving Sally as a younger sister. He also became great friends with Smile Dog after showing lots of love to him. This was noticed by all the Creepypasta even though, of course, there always had to be one person to be a jerk to him but he didn't yelled back. He merely smiled to the ones who insulted him. Mikael slowly began to open up and tell a few childhood stories of his life. But never once did he mention his family. It was far too painful to reopen the wounds. Jeff was the only one to know of his past, just a slight little hint that his mother had died when he was still in High School, aside from all his family members giving him their backs when he needed their help had caused Mikael to completely forget about them. Mikael was in Sally's bedroom, he sat in a chair at the side of Sally's bed reading her the story of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Mikael quietly read it to her as Sally laid in her warm bed. "Take some more tea, the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. I've had nothing yet, Alice replied in an offended tone, so I can't take more. You mean you can't take less, said the Hatter: it's very easy to take more than nothing. Nobody asked your opinion, said Alice...", Mikael heard a soft breathing and moved the book away from his sight to see Sally sleeping soundly. He smiled to see her sleeping, this was his favorite part after a long day. He gently covered her arms with the blanket and stood up. He quietly placed the book in the small bookshelf at the side of the window. He closed the curtain and turned on the lamp to be able to turn off the bedroom's light. He walked over to Sally and gently placed a kiss on her forehead. He whispered quietly,"Goodnight, Sally..", He smiled kindly and turned away and began to walk out of the bedroom. He quietly closed the door and sighed once he was outside. "..I'm never going to finish the book", he chuckled quietly to himself. He was a bit of a slow reader. Mikael walked and gazed upwards to the clock that was big enough for anyone to recognize the time. "1 in the morning..", He said quietly to himself and yawned. "ugh..I probably stayed up too long..", He murmured. He was in the second floor of the mansion. Each room was only in the second floor while the kitchen, living room, and the dancing area was at the bottom floor. Mikael walked towards the bedroom he slept on and opened the door, to his surprise, Jeff was still awake but even though he was laying on the bed he was reading something that looked familiar to Mikael. "I didn't know you liked to read", Mikael said with a quiet chuckle but felt surprised to see Jeff yelped. Jeff hadn't felt his presence until now. Mikael felt confused to why he had been startled suddenly. "[Jeff]hey, Mikael?", Jeff said in a sort of snickering tone. Mikael felt confused but some what annoyed knowing Jeff was going to say something funny to him. "Agh..if is a joke, forget it.", Mikael said as he took off the black and red stripped button shirt he was wearing on top of his black high neck shirt. Jeff chuckled a bit, holding back his laughter. "[Jeff]You've never kissed anyone?", Jeff said mockingly in the middle of evil giggling  Mikael's eyes widen and swiftly looked at the 'book' Jeff held in his hands. That was no book, that was his diary. "YOU--", Mikael blushed furiously knowing he was reading something precious to him. "GIVE THAT BACK!", Mikael quickly ran towards the bed, trying to grab the diary away but Jeff reacted too quickly. Jeff jumped from the bed to the floor and laughed. "[Jeff]BWAHAHA! The loner who has never gotten kissed! so fucking lame! Oh let me guess, YOU'RE A VIRGIN TOO?", Jeff laughed louder to the thought of Mikael being a virgin AND never kissing before. Mikael felt his face flustering darker. "Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! You don't need to know that!!", Mikael yelled, throwing pillows aimed at Jeff. Jeff dodged each one as he laughed. "[Jeff]oh, but I do! You probably wrote it somewhere around your diary!", Jeff laughed, this time tears were rolling down his cheeks of how hilarious this was. "[Jeff]bwahaha--oh--oh god--My stomach is hurting now! hahahaha! damn this--shit!",Mikael had the final opportunity to grab his baseball bat and smack Jeff on the left side of his cheek. Jeff fell to the floor and held his left cheek. "[Jeff]da-damn! You hit hard with that you fucking prick!",Mikael snatched the diary away from Jeff's hand and huffed. "Serves you right, scar face!",Jeff felt surprised to the sudden nickname. "[Jeff]scar face?.. Wha-HEY! ASSHOLE!", Mikael held the diary tightly with one hand while the other placed the baseball bat on the side of the bed. "Tsk", Mikael said in response, knowing that Jeff must have read each of the things he had wrote down. Most of them were of his memories with his mom and others were of his down right family which he didn't like to remember. Jeff noticed the expression Mikael held. Mikael felt embarrassed but at the same time he felt his heart pumping slower due to remembering the first time he ever got the diary. Mikael stared at the diary in his hand, knowing that his mother had been the one to give it to him. "[Jeff]You miss your mom, don't you?", Mikael felt surprised to his words, he looked away, trying to hide any expression of sadness. "..It's in the past, I won't cry over spilled milk now.", Jeff slowly walked over to him but his steps were too quiet for even Mikael to hear them. Other than Slender Man, Jeff knew how Mikael's ears were a bit messed up now. Mikael could barely hear someone calling him from the other side of a car. Mikael stared out the window that was besides him. He could see the light outside and could easily see the forest. He also could see the city's lights, even if just a little. The mansion was big enough to let him see that far. Mikael looked up to see if he could see the stars but to his surprise the thing that caught his attention was seeing Jeff in the window's reflection. He felt his heart sink a bit knowing that Jeff had been watching his saddened expression for a long time now. Mikael sighed as he closed his eyes. " really know how to make someone feel uncomfortable, you know that?", Mikael spoked before turning around but stepped back a bit to his surprise on how close Jeff had been. "Personal space! Personal space! Personal space!", Mikael frowned a bit before stepping to the side to walk. Jeff raised his arm to block his way, this caused Mikael to squint his eyes in annoyance. "Jeff, put your arm down.", Mikael said, a bit irritated to how much Jeff knew about him now. "[Jeff]don't wanna", Jeff said with a cocky tone. Mikael frowned a bit to his words. "There you go again, trying to persuade me to tell you about my past. Not gonna happen", Mikael said with a huff. "..Until I fully trust you.",Mikael mumbled before leaning down to pass under Jeff's arm. Mikael sat on the bed as he stared forward, noticing his reflection on the mirror they had in front too. He never would have guessed he looked that depressing. He felt Jeff sat next to him. Jeff smiled slightly at him. "[Jeff]you're a real tough one to get things out. Alright, let's play a game", Jeff stood up and began to look around for something in their closet. Mikael blinked a bit, his eyes brightening up a bit, feeling grateful for Jeff actually changing the mood to a much funner one. "What game?", Mikael asked, smiling before chuckling a bit. "[Jeff]the therapy game", Jeff grinned, taking out a grey blindfold. Mikael sweat dropped a bit. "No way am I wearing that or playing that game!", Mikael said, he tucked his legs to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs to keep himself warm. "[Jeff]oh come on! stop being a prick and play!", Jeff said before walking over to Mikael. He sat down besides Mikael and grinned evilly. "[Jeff]Alright, I'm going to bed", Jeff said, sounding sleepy but in reality he had a trick under his sleeve. "Suit yourself", said Mikael, smiling to the thought that Jeff actually had never told him when he was going to sleep unless he was his friend. Jeff quickly grabbed the blindfold and wrapped it around Mikael's eyes. Mikael felt startled to the sudden darkness in his eyes. "HEY! You-- Idiot! get this off!", Mikael shouted a bit quieter knowing there was other Creepypasta sleeping. "[Jeff]We will play with my rules! Therapy game is good for you, mr.depressing guy", Mikael frowned to his nickname. "I'm not all that depressed!", Mikael said. Gradually, Mikael gave up and simply sat down comfortably and looked to his left. "Alright, what happens next?", Mikael asked, annoyed that he accepted in the end but he wasn't minding. To Jeff's surprise, he had never seen Mikael actually accept someone's actions but this time he had accepted them. "[Jeff]Alright, uh.. Say something that you have always desired", Mikael stayed quiet for a while. "A fam-", Mikael stopped his words. Jeff hadn't heard right on what he had said. But Jeff noticed something wasn't right. He kept staring at Mikael's lips far too long that made his cheeks warm to the thought of something so homosexual on kissing another guy. Jeff shook his head, trying to forget what he was thinking. "[Jeff]I uh..didn't hear you well, what did you say?", Mikael rephrased his words quickly knowing he hadn't heard. "I guess a kiss",Mikael said embarrassed, Mikael quickly began to think, 'oh right, instead of saying a family you say a kiss. Wow, how dumb can you be Mikael? Is that really something you desire? geez!', Mikael stayed quiet, wondering what was taking Jeff so long to answer. Mikael felt a bit afraid that Jeff had suddenly been away. The thought that he was talking to somebody else was scary for him. He had recently read a scary story and it was haunting his memory. The story said something about a ghost taking a voice and a appearance of someone else and lure them to kill them. Mikael slowly lifted his hand, feeling his heart pumping on how afraid he was to be imagining the grudge in front of him. "Je-Jeff?..", He said shakily, his finger flinched to feeling a hand that was slowly reaching upwards. "Hey, say something, I'm getting scared", Mikael said a bit more alarmed. "[Jeff]o-oh, I-I'm here, don't worry", Jeff said oddly quietly. Mikael felt confused to this. "Jeff?.. you sound strange. Did you see something just now?", Mikael asked. He felt a hand touch the right side of his cheek. This honestly made his cheeks warm up. No one had been able to touch him aside from Sally giving him hugs. "[Mikael]Jeff, is this your hand?", Mikael asked, feeling confused but at the same time he felt nervous now. Mikael could feel a warm breath closer to his lips, this made him gulp. He was already picturing what Jeff was doing. "Hey! I--I uh, didn't meant that I desired a kiss right away!", Mikael said, feeling completely embarrassed of that fact but soon knew that it would be even awkward if another male kissed him. Mikael quickly covered Jeff's mouth, to his surprise, he had touched Jeff's chest instead. Mikael then quickly knew that his face was close to his. He quickly reacted by pushing as hard as he could on Jeff's chest, he laughed nervously. "Hahahaha! H-Hey Jeff! Don't joke around like this! this is really awkward for me you know!", Mikael said in the middle of a nervous laughter that was actually very quiet. He felt a warmth sensation on his lips and knew right away that they were Jeff's lips. This made him freak out and quickly tried to throw a punch at Jeff's face but Jeff had been able to grab his wrist quickly. Mikael lifted his legs and tried to kick Jeff in his manhood but Jeff was already covering that with his knee. Mikael felt his back touch the bed's sheets. Jeff finally was able to part his lips from Mikael's. Mikael felt his cheeks fluster completely. His blindfold had lifted upwards slightly. Mikael knew exactly what this meant. Slender Man could easily see in his eyes. Mikael shut his eyes quickly knowing he wasn't about to be humiliated by Jeff. "Alright! You stupid scar face get off, NOW!", Mikael shouted a bit louder this time. "[Jeff]..tch. You really don't know how to have fun, do you?" "Idiot! There's nothing fun about this! You're violating my lips, dumb ass!", Jeff touched the top of Mikael's eye lids and chuckled quietly. "[Jeff]Slender Man might see this if you open your eyes, is that right?", Jeff said mockingly. Jeff knew he had lost himself by actually doing this kind of thing to his roommate. "Shut up! Stop touching me already dang it!", Mikael said before lifting his leg to hit him once again but felt Jeff grab his ankle to not kick him. Mikael felt angry but knew the situation was worst on their position. "You idiot.. I don't let anyone ever get in top of me", Mikael growled a bit in annoyance. He didn't meant being top as in position, but someone looking down at him like a weakling was what he disliked. Jeff stared at Mikael for a few minutes, this made Mikael stay quiet as well and still. It felt as if time had stopped for a minute. He felt surprised to feel Jeff's body lay on top of his. Mikael opened his eyes knowing that Jeff was out of sight if he continued to look at the ceiling. "..Hey, get off", Mikael demanded, annoyed that he had been looked down at and as well as his first kiss being stoled from him. He felt grateful that this had not gone further. He felt a sudden push which made his face completely turn scarlet. He was able to drag himself upwards quickly and aimed his feet at Jeff's manhood. This was able to work this time. Jeff quickly covered it and laid in agony. "[Jeff]y-you-!! We were..getting to the good part fucking asshole!", Mikael huffed a bit as he stood up, rubbing his face to calm down. "Idiot, I'm neutral. I don't like males, I don't like females", He looked at Jeff and stuck his tongue out. "I don't like scar faces", Jeff snapped and grinned maliciously. "[Jeff]Oh?.. you dare to say that in my face?", Jeff's eyes twinkled with lust. Mikael felt sweat drops slid down his cheeks. This was not good at all. "H-Hey, I didn't meant to-", Jeff began to walk towards him, looking much more angry then before. Mikael slowly began to step back. He forgave Jeff for what he had done but if Jeff tried to take it to the next level he would surely not forgive him. "Jeff?", Mikael asked nervously before feeling the wall behind him. "[Jeff]Do you want to take it to the next level for saying that?", Jeff said as he slammed his hands on each side of the wall where Mikael was standing at. Mikael yelped to the sudden violence that he had caused. He felt far too nervous for this, his gaze slowly looked down, feeling afraid to seeing Jeff's expression of lust. "No! of course not! I-", Mikael's eyes widen to feel a kiss being placed on his neck, Mikael quickly struggled, kicking and throwing punches but this wasn't helping him. Strong arms were wrapped around him, pulling him very close to the other's body. He felt violent lips suddenly slam themselves to his. Mikael raised his hands, pushing on the other's face, trying to push him back even though this wasn't working at all. He could easily feel the saliva sliding down from his lips. This was the thing they called 'french kiss', he didn't know it sucked the breath out of him this horribly. He began to walk backwards while Jeff was leading him to a place. He felt something soft behind him and knew it was the bed. Mikael felt his heart began to race, at last Jeff parted his lips from his. Mikael coughed violently, trying to catch his breathe to what was happening. His eyes remained open as he stared at Jeff's face. He felt afraid to what was happening. He suddenly felt a hand slide inside his shirt, this caused Mikael to feel startled. "[Mikae]Hey-!!", Mikael felt the hand slid down to...

I'M SO SORRY, I CAN'T DO IT. I CAN'T FINISH IT Lovely Shoujo (Shocked) [V3] SO MUCH-- //dies of embarrassmentt// T//w//T Anyone who wishes to finish the last part go ahead. x'DD I hope I was able to add as much fan service as possible. ;w;
Hope you liked it~!
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